There are about seven tip facts you haven’t  been told About Eyebrow Threading. ( Eyebrow Threading 10024 )

In the ’90s and ’00s, the plan of the beauty game was to flaunt pencil-thin eyebrows that were super trendy at the time— and many folks were left with sparse brows for years afterwards. If you’re more interested in a fuller look now, there are a few tips to achieve thicker eyebrows, so you can get your brows back.( Eyebrow Threading 10024 )

A few of you may be trying to grow your brows back since bushy-browed babes hit the scene in recent years and set the tone for this decade of beauty.( Eyebrow Threading 10024 ) Celebrities like Cara Delevingne originally set the brow bar, but now full eyebrows are everywhere. There are a ton of tutorials on YouTube on how to fill in your brows to make them appear bolder, plus there’s a bunch of brow related products on the market.

Thus, if you now feel as clueless as I do about how to achieve thicker eyebrows, you’ll likely want to take note of what a brow expert has to say.( Eyebrow Threading 10024 )citybrows -Eyebrow Threading -2-8-17

1. Avoid Product Around The Eyebrows

SOURCE: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sania Vucetaj, owner of Sania’s Brow Bar, tells Bustle over email, “Avoid any creams, moisturizers, foundation, sunscreen, etc on or around the brows. It blocks the follicle and causes hairs to shed. Avoiding this area lets hairs grow in.”( Eyebrow Threading 10024 )

2. Avoid Magnifying Mirror

“You lose perspective and will always end up over-tweezing,” says Vucetaj. You’re best off sticking to an ordinary one when it comes to brow sculpting.( Eyebrow Threading 10024 )

3. Use Tweezers For Better Precision

“The method I prefer is tweezing because it is most precise. Waxing and threading pull multiple hairs at once and with brows, each hair makes such a difference in the overall shape so you will always end up going thinner over time if you wax or thread,” says Vucetaj.( Eyebrow Threading 10024 ) “Also, waxing stretches this delicate skin and threading pulls hairs in all directions, which breaks the hairs and leads to unattractive ingrowns.”

4. Don’t Tweeze More Frequently Than Once A Fortnight

SOURCE: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“Never tweeze more often than every two weeks and only in a dull lighting,” Vucetaj instructs. “Tweezing more frequently than this does not give your brows time to fully start growing in.( Eyebrow Threading 10024 )

5. Pencil In Your Brows Before Tweezing

“If tweezing from home, I recommend penciling in brows first so that it creates a barrier and then tweeze just the strays that fall outside the line,” says Vucetaj.( Eyebrow Threading 10024 ) “Before you start plucking, make sure you have penciled brows in so they look symmetrical first.” In other words, make sure to have your pencil at the ready the next time you embark on a plucking spree.

6. Use A Pair Of Tweezers With A Slanted Tip

Slanted Tip Tweezers, $25,

“Make sure to use a slanted tip tweezer such as the Sania’s Brow Bar Slanted Tip Tweezer, which pulls hairs by the root without poking the skin,” Vucetaj recommends.( Eyebrow Threading 10024 )

7. Use A Natural Eyebrow Pencil

Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil, $30,

“Lastly, to make any brows look fuller, you need a great, natural looking pencil,” Vucetaj explains, “the Sania’s Brow Bar Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil comes in three universal shades. The texture was designed to be a cross between pencil and powder since most pencils are too waxy and come on dark. My pencil angle gives you the smoothness of a powder with the precision of a pencil.”( Eyebrow Threading 10024 )

So there you have it — if you’re looking to create a bushier look for your brows, employ these tips and watch them grow to perfection.( Eyebrow Threading 10024 )

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